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The World Processing Tomato Council (WPTC) is an international non-profit making organization representing the tomato processing industry worldwide. Currently, its members represent more than 95% of the volume of tomatoes processed worldwide.

The organization, created in 1998, is constituted by professional tomato growers and/or processors organizations representative of their production area. It is headquartered in Avignon (France) and is currently chaired by Dimitris Nomikos from Greece.



The WPTC has been continuously monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in relation to the congress to be held in San Juan, Argentina on 15-18 March 2020.

In light of the surge of cases observed the last days in Europe and the rest of the world and for the safety of all participants, as well as the public health of Argentina, which has no confirmed case as of today, we are announcing that the WPTC and the Government of San Juan have decided to postpone the 14thWorld Processing Tomato Congress and the 16th ISHS Symposium due to be held in San Juan, Argentina.

The new date for the event will most probably be the second week of November this year, pending confirmation from the organizing committee. We will provide further information as soon as a new date has been confirmed.

This decision comes after much thoughtful consideration of our team and the Government of San Juan, as well as observing the directives of WHO and local health authorities. We are sure we are making the right decision so as not to jeopardize the health and safety of registrants, staff, and the public.

Please do re-book your tickets once an exact date is known, as well as re-organizing your plans outside the Congress itself. 

Our thoughts are with all those affected by the coronavirus and we hope this epidemic will end soon.

Thank you for your patience as we had to make a last minute decision in a challenging situation.

We apologise for any inconvenience.


Dimitris Nomikos, WPTC President


WPTC is one of the partners of the Tomato News website where you will find all the latests news about the global tomato processing, and a comprehensive directory of the industry.

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The 14th World Processing Tomato Congress and 16th ISHS Symposium on the processing tomato due to take place in San Juan, Argentina on 15-19 March 2020 have been postponed until November 2020 due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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