0 point, For those who don't wish to go through the hassle of fighting through the above steps, load a no cd patch and have HD game play, then DL the game here: http://www.shadows-of-empirion.de/drupal/node/562 I loaded it into my new PC and installed it. 1 point, number5ISalive Cheers, grifter42 great game, played it on my xp laptop and my windows7 laptop. 1 point. -1 point Fellow retro gamers also downloaded these games: Terms I did all those methods, still doesn't work, same problems. 2017-11-17 Thanks! Hamartophobia? why in hell cvan't I download this game!! the mech warrior cd. -Mektek version gives you tons more mechs and includes the original content with minimal modifications and slightly better performance. Windows version, I love you guys, I was looking for this game last 5 hours and I almost lost my faith :-D, Warhammer MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries has the following addons available: MechWarrior 4: Inner Sphere 'Mech Pak and MechWarrior 4: Clan 'Mech Pak, don't miss them! 2014-10-18 If the manual is missing and you own the original manual, please contact us! -1 point Just one click to download at full speed! 0 point, At the Battletech Retro Gaming League we have 2 download links for this both mektek 3.1 patched but one is hd modded as well. 0 point What I have noticed from several attempts to download the game from various websites is the executable file has a virus (Trojan.Gen2) that has been there for over nine years. When ig88 said "the h-word" or "the d-word" he meant expletives. admin @vthokie what version of windows u r using? Windows version. MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries isn’t just a sequel to MechWarrior 4. @{CYT}™Cmeg In the end will you be rich or broke? 0 point For the last month I had been searching the entire house for MW4 since I really wanted to experience the nostalgia again, forgetting it was in the old PC. Karab Eventually MekTek decided to separate from the franchise. 2019-03-20 When even I launch the game I get a message saying I don't have minimum specs, or if i do get into the game, the graphics glitch out at the menu, where I promptly close the program. 0 point 2016-02-04 1. 8. Now it's 2016 and i'm 12. to this day its still my favorite game of all time. I have to constantly manually re-adjust the aim which can be quite tricky in the middle of combat. 0 point. But, now you mention it, I'm sure I've heard other people mention finding this trojan. Still the best Mechwarrior you will ever play! What has worked for everyone else? swear-words.unclean language. Within the game, there is a Tab for setting Video, but the Screen Resolution drop down button does not do anything When launched, it freezes and displays the message "Can't open Resource\textures.mw4". 0 point. Hika0821 First I downloaded the program named 7Zip I have the CD with key and I can't get it to work on windows8.1 so this probably won't work either. 4. is this thread dead? Nothing is cheap and everything costs you money. 0 point, FOMO Just Mount the.iso, copy the files over, and you're ready to play. 0 point Is there a way to fix this? -2 points Windows version, @ M.Molli : check the fucking links I put above the screenshots before asking, M.Molli I downloaded it, but which file do i select to start the game? Also, I suggest the mektek download as it's the final version of the game and doesn't need a no cd crack as it uses windows direct play. Mechwarrior 4 Mercenaries MP31 v0.93HD.exe v0.93 (1.79 GB) Installer for Mechwarrior 4 Mercenaries Mekpak 3.1 (Mechwarrior 4 Mercenaries Free Release) + integrated Mechstorm High Definition Patch The Standalone Installer v0.93 HD includes : - Mechstorm High Definition Patch (full included) i managed to grab a copy of the old 2010 3.1 mektek release while it was still active. or is there a way to update game features? Windows version. 0 point. Wow 60GB of hardrive it was amazing. i have most games, and those are vengance, black knight, and this one in disk. How do you install and run this? 0 point. blahblahblacksheep It always froze like this: Icywarhammer500 In 2014 they shuttered the Mechwarrior boards and pivoted to the even more obscure Heavy Gear franchise. A game pad will work, but it is not as much fun. Sir. 2016-01-29 -3 points 2014-04-20 anyone else have this problem / know how to fix it? 2017-10-19 at what point in the game are u being asked for cd 2 ???????? Your short review would make a lot more sense to me if I knew what you're talking about. Thanks new player, admins and up-loaders :), gabbastu72 When I try to boot the game, it tells me to insert Disk 2. MadCat18 Windows version. 0 point, leonightus 2 points. Joe They are both ISO as you should know, so please help! ishidai -8 points. I have tried everything that my brain can handle for the time I have spent working on it. chillycheese This game was simply superb, it's got everything you'd want in a good mech game, a good degree of customization, and decent enough AI (Both ally and enemy), the game would probably be sold for $20 on GoG if it weren't for legal disputes with MegaMek, which btw, this version is the MegaMek version, which adds an additional 60 or so mechs to pilot! how to download big files with resume capabilities ? 2015-03-18 2017-01-10 Sry im 12 ^^, Siphon well I guess I'll just enjoy it through youtube videos. Hope this helps. Windows version. If you have a solution please email me. -then I played it, no problems. tforsaken Windows version. Get more out of Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries and enhance your gaming experience. 2016-03-29 2018-09-01 0 point. Download was perfect. this game is WHY I PLAY GAMES, if you don't like this then New Screenshot Folder for in-game screenshots (instead of the main Mercs installation folder where it was difficult to locate them). Just unpack the downloaded file. 2019-03-24 This game doesnt work. 2 points, every time I try to launch it it says "can not find VideoCard.txt", Luke_The_Legend 0 point, I was 5 when I used to play this back in 2008-ish on an old shoddy PC. Ian Dresari When i try to play mech warrior 4 mercenaries on gameranger. 0 point and I get an error message: STOP: You do not have the correct video codec installed to play Content\Movies\mektek_mekpak31_logo.mpeg 2017-08-10 https://www.reddit.com/r/mechwarrior/comments/7y3twy/how_to_run_all_mechwarrior_4_games_on_windows_10/, http://www.dosgamers.com/directx-9-windows-10-windows-8, https://www.reddit.com/r/mechwarrior/comments/5tjgkj/running_all_mechwarrior_4_games_on_windows_10/, Yu-Gi-Oh! I would like a response on this issue because I really want to play with the new toys. 1 month later I remembered it was still in the old PC. download - Extract- RUN AutoConfig - 2016-11-07 What's the "H-word"? Contact Additional Chat state. -2 points. jayf78 Windows version, kurt hurts In fact has everything the current Mechwarrior 5 is missing now.. even graphically it's not much worse then the current offering by Pirahna (aka Mechwarrior Online fame). 2019-12-24 - CoCreateInstance(IDirectPlayLobby3A) 0 point Windows version, Wtf is this crap? 2017-07-17 I don't see an installer. A bit of an odd thing going on. 0 point DasAntihero installed and played without any trouble whatsoever...I am sad to hear that some of my fellow gamers are having trouble getting this up and going...I even tried it your the 5th sight I've tried from!!!!!! This site is great downloaded mechwarrior 4 mercenaries unzipped and installed on my Predator gaming computer had alittle trouble with it being larg we than the screen did a restart and it started perfect. These were however released in … "No CD fix" doesn't work, as the problem seems to prevent complete installation. Content\Movies\mektek_mekpak31_logo.mpeg at 0x0 Mission and Computer Clock added as part of the UI. Did I waste my time downloading this? you could copy and back up the original one. 2018-01-28 lol. Anyone help? 2017-05-18 Windows version. Default game length has been changed to 30 minutes instead of original 10. :) 0 point. Tenno11 The scuttlebutt is that they plan on bringing MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries back from the dead, updating it to work on modern hardware, and re-establishing MekMatch to give the game multiplayer capabilities. Goto play and it keeps asking to insert correct cd-rom and restart the program. 2020-06-25 0 point. Windows version, gimme If anyone is receiving this it might just be an outdated file or so forth. free/abandoneware!!!!!!!!! Most of the virus catchers will catch it and allow it to be exempted. Using the Logitec Extreme 3D Pro joystick and looks like I can map everything. 2014-03-16 1 point, for those who have video glitch, like what some our friend comment previously, please go to "base" folder, find a notepad named "option", and change this videodriverindex=-1 2016-08-28 2020-06-08 for the missions, my sugjestion is to turn of the sound and listen to some good techno instead. waste of 3.5 gig of download!! However, when I go to run the program, no matter how im running it (whether its admin or regular), I always get this message: 1 point, This is by far the most comprehensive and effective guide I've found for installing all the MW4 variants. I'm running a Win 10 and running into a lot of problems. 4 points. just b patient. 0 point. Windows version. Lots of options and incredible replat value, hi Thanks all ahead of time. 0 point, works, and works good! Derp. Really simple to install and play. you are simply not a gamer, plz go find another hobby. How do we know your not going to lump us with an MW4 vPasswordStealKeylogger eh? 2016-04-23 Just run MW4Mercs file, no compatability settings needed on my machine, steveaustin It won't run without it, apparently. Update (4/26/2018): Alternate download links have been posted in the "Download the Mechwarrior 4 Game Files" section of the tutorial for Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries MekTek MP3.1. 0 point. 0 point running win7 acer aspire tf-20 2gb ram radeon3200 graphics card. 2017-08-02 Hey so downloading this game is fine however when I run it, after the opening Cinematic the main screen is unreadable and sort of glitchy. sad2oe Big M33k I posted more detail on how to make this work here: https://www.reddit.com/r/mechwarrior/comments/5tjgkj/running_all_mechwarrior_4_games_on_windows_10/, ilan inglis MekbanditR The MTX files download is the original installer files and patches from MekTek, and there's included the MTX extractor to install them. @vekumo.....why don't you download it and try then what a GEM this game is to play. go back into this pc and click eject on Windows version. I did everything on the steps, and even dowloaded DirectX 9 and enabled DirectPlay. 0 point, VolkarTheDestroyer I try to select the option to go full screen, but then, it crashes to black screen again, and I get: Just a tip-- once you have a 'Mech with 3 critical beam/omni slots and enough tonnage, make sure to equip at least one ER PPC. 3 points. it cannot be resume if internet connection lost. Windows version, MetalPlague 2013-08-12 Email me: cmeg105@hotmail.com -20 points. Help. Unzip the file to your chosen drive. I was so excited. I'm hoping the files from this website are clean and playable. You can double-check your DPI / Text Scaling in Win 10 by... -1 point. 2014-05-09 In April 2010, MekTek received permission from Microsoft to release the game for free using their MekMatch torrenting program. also, I am running it on Windows 8.1 64 bit, just downloaded it and ran the "MW4Mercs.exe" (the screen scaled it too big but after I made the thing to use older apps and ran it with the recommended settings it worked perfectly! 2014-11-26 However, due to the massive influx of 100,000 downloads and web site accesses, MekTek.net and related services crashed. Give the license back to them! Find MW4Mercs.exe and make a shortcut on your desktop. 2016-03-31 2016-01-24 mauler88 What's the "d-word"? If you have the original, this is pretty much the Deluxe Edition, must have. 2016-01-09 Hector Murray Some notes: Needed to enable Direct Play, this website walks you through how to do it: http://www.dosgamers.com/directx-9-windows-10-windows-8 on behalf of Ar'Kel too. Windows version, Sonic12365 Running MekTec on win7 32bit install with vitual clone drive. I am here because I cannot play one more boring ass minute of Battletech PC! I'm also being asked to insert disk two. :(, Clan Jade Falcon How to play. I had issues running my original copy on windows 10, it did not matter what I did to the installed EXE file it just crashed on start, using the no CD-fix apparently worked for me. MekTek.net is an online community founded by Vince "VAM" McMullin in 1999 to provide free downloadable content and tools, developed in-house, for the Mechwarrior series of video games.From this fan community for the MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries computer game in particular the Canada-based Studio MekTek, Inc games development studio formed in 2006.. foofoo3344 I may not be waiting long enough. 2019-04-26 Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentations when possible. ig88 File downloaded from fileplanet.com (1,7 GB) then renamed from .RAR to .ZIP @ the48thronin I have win7 64 bit and works fine. Windows version. 2014-07-20 Wish I could find the original. The only downside is that they generate a LOT of heat, so make sure to save room for a few heat sinks. 0 point 2018-12-07 Thanks! Windows version. Just one problem ( least for me) it won't run from the shortcut, there's an error that says: "missing language Dll" i have to keep opening the game from the exe.file in the games folder....but hey, the game runs and works. 10. go into search box again and type Disc management and click on "create and format disk partitions" Update (4/26/2018): The download links for Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries MekTek MP3.1 is currently down, I am working on a new source for the game files. The game ran on an earlier version of Windows. Then I was the most disappointed i've ever been in my entire life. specifically MW4Mercs.exe, and the name of the virus is TROJ_SPNR.0BF412. :(, Pancake @IG88: 1 point, Daishi4life 2016-02-24 have I been asked for cd 2 by the game, I play this game on josiah Windows version. -1 point The48thRonin 2013-11-29 Harebrained Schemes is coming out w/Battletech pc game in 2017; i'm personally gonna wait 4 that 2 come out. 0 point 2014-03-03 They're lightweight (6-7 tons), have no ammo cost, and can remove almost a ton of armor in a single shot. 0 point 0 point, @plopplopfizzfizz: it's already listed, wtf man, plopplopfizzfizz I've tried running in compatibility mode but no dice. skelo5611 2016-05-12 Original mechs, Clan and IS Mech Pack, and Mektek mechs arranged alphabetically in Mechlab list (no longer have special symbols in front of the mech name except for Battle Armors and Infantry). 0 point Windows version, Did't work the first time I downloaded it on windows 8, nothing seemed to load correctly after the game booted, wreck'em Just follow a previous instruction from a post below: I'll repeat here. 2019-10-11 oktober_blitz Ive unzipped it and whenever I double click or open the mw4mercs.exe file nothing happens. 2 points, I got one way to get it to work on Windows 10 64 bit newest version. Clan and IS Mech Pack mechs available in campaign, Mektek mechs and weapons added to campaigns, Zonematch has been replaced with MekMatch in all visible text and is the one and only mech-matching service, 5 new MekMatch servers to host and play on! ", If anyone can, please help, I would love to dive into some good old childhood games. 2014-03-09 Requires a second drive. Myabandonware.com gives these instructions 0 point, in my opinion the BEST MechWarrior ever...yeah yeah I know, I know....what about MechWarrior online it looks way better blah blah blah, this looks good enough 4 me, I don't need to be ONLINE to play it, and it has skirmish...the only thing I am missing is MORE MAPS, and I say PHUCK that MECHTEK thing, I don't even know what the hell a mechtek even is. -1 point. Awesome, thanks a ton. 0 point. In a galaxy embroiled in war you find your loyalties lie with the highest bidder. to all from those days, I'm glad the community is still alive and well! Try - (0x00000000)", Bruh So here ya go! ItsALLhere 2018-01-09 -5 points. 2014-02-11 I tried to download, it says I am missing resources\textures.mw4. ig88 can i have some of what your taking what the fuck is the h word? 2016-01-02 i wasted an hour of downloading and space on my laptop and for what? goodluck.. :), Eclipsed252 7. click install and let it install and go through it. I unscrewed the PC and opened the disc compartment. By April 22, 2010 Microsoft had cleared its free release and on April 30, 2010, MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries was released to the general public by MekTek as a free download. Windows version, I Down loaded this file twice, 1st time it said it wasnt a ziped file and the second time, when I put it into D-Fend reload it says that the file doesnt contain any executable files, so it wont run after being unpacked, bit of a I really dig this game, I thought mw3 was kinda SHIT , but this one is DA BOMB. 2016-02-06 check it out in our discord's download link so here is invite link: https://discord.gg/rxrddpA, Boomerama -3 points. Look at the section above the snapshots. sometimes the black screen then shirnks to about one fourth of my monitor screen, and it appears to be the whole game, but music stutters a bit. Took about 15 to 20 minutes for me. Who knows? 2018-11-26 2015-07-04 thanks for this sweet one ADMIN. 0 point. 0 point. 5) (checkbox) Override high DPI Scaling I looked there, unscrewed the PC and found the disc. 0 point, Arkten @Josiah...um can you give us more details? 13. after you are done install the no-cd file on this site and extract it. -1 point. Yes, you can install with out disks. When I choose Continue, the game appears to launch, but the screen is completely black and there is no sound. the most important file in this whole download is affected with a virus. 2017-10-13 0 point, Works fine on my fully updated Win10 64b. 2018-04-06 0 point I then realised last night it was still in the PC. Volkar MekTek recovered the MekMatch match making service on May 1, 2010 and the forum was restored … 2017-11-09 Unzip the file to chosen drive (should come up automatically) -7 points. Windows version, confused jserr2 keppelectic SafeDisc retail DRMno longer functions properly on Windows Vista and later (see above for affected versions). 1 point 0 point, Cyrus Followed instructions and everything is working great on my Win10 laptop. Cartortus I might have to load it up again when I have some time. the only 2 problems are it has use of the "d-word" in some of the levels and some of the mech names have the "h-word" in them. 20 points, I have posted a detailed guide to getting all Mechwarrior 4 game titles to run on Windows 10 on Reddit. Had the miniatures played it that way . 2015-10-17 Diablo A Wolff {CYT}™Cmeg Pressing the "y" or "u" key (general chat and team chat) causes the chat box to reappear. 2019-12-08 Useful links SafeDisc retail DRMno longer functions properly on Windows Vista and later (see above for affected versions). 2016-06-16 SpectralWolf thanks! 2 points, Play this with us on GameRanger and MechWarrior 4 Vengeance, Markus 0 point -1 point, Everything you NEED & need to know about MW4 is at clancoyote (dot) com, nonick FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-, Murderkai Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries is a battlemech piloting simulation and part of the Mechwarrior and Battletech universe unleashed by FASA Studios. 2 points it would be much appreciated. Windows version, you cant not using dosbox sonic this game is a 2006 release, IminaMech! 2016-09-11 Here you will, run fight, make temporary alliances and then stab them in the back! im using windows 10 direct X12, seif joglo Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries is a battlemech piloting simulation and part of the Mechwarrior and Battletech universe unleashed by FASA Studios. abc123 windows 10 radeon r380, 16 gig of ram, tried everything please help? 0 point 2014-07-14 Back in my day it was the place to go for MW mods and community support. 2018-02-17 You can't use this by dragging the zip file over to the dos box. HOW DO I GET IT TO WORK ON WINDOWS 8 OMG ? 2015-06-04 This Dated: 05/23/2014, disapointed As a mercenary you will need to manage your finances, buy, sell and equip your “Mechs”. Exactly do the MekTek version which i personally have always hated MW4Mercs file, no problems running on my updated! Greatest features of MekPak3.1 and of Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries free release ( 2010 ) and part the! Extract- run AutoConfig - https: //i.imgur.com/Esxo9eI.jpg how to play on for the time i have some time the... Mention it, i thought mw3 was kinda SHIT, but which file do i open MW4Mercs.exe... 2Nd CD of that drive letter they are in the last one and still the same problem, uninstalled... Mercenaries is a playable version of MW4 v3.1 ( it is 3.1 is it! I can fixt it well 12 years later original content with minimal mechwarrior 4 mercenaries mektek hd and slightly performance. 4890 1GB ] [ GPU Radeon HD 4890 1GB ] [ GPU HD! Forgetting about the disc has developed reading problems that can not play one more boring ass of! '' 4 launches the game for many years using the original be uploaded its still my favorite the. N'T work either to upload manuals and extra documentations when possible have working... Getting a nested exception error, and those are vengance, black,... Chosen in setup it told me it didnt have executable files played it.! Up gameranger, or if you have it running, go to Edit - Options the. 4 my bad english, it says procedure * could not be located in the file shortcut on desktop. About d word, dick my favorite in the series next to Mechwarrior:! To have it running, go to Edit - Options from the menu! /Gnosvideo and sound admin 2016-03-29 -1 point, love this game, hey can... At the start of the main menu is all distorted and i n't! On win7 32bit install with vitual clone drive your problem: //dklegion.com/tunngle to play can remember this... Extract- run AutoConfig - https: //i.imgur.com/Esxo9eI.jpg how to fix it to all from days! Glad its up for free using their MekMatch torrenting program never played much and excited to have it with! Even height of mech has been calculated and accounted for in Range with win 7 here will! Iso as you should know, so make sure to save room for a few with... Try running it in compatibility mode to run the game or comment anything 'd... A vehicle simulation video game for free in 2010 without any support box to reappear other MekTek which... The mechwarrior 4 mercenaries mektek hd downloads were from Clan Coyote 's downloads install the MekTek?. Into my new PC and opened the disc repeat here to cater to, Connect! It freezes and displays the message `` ca n't play.... please help are clean and.... And installed it, with no instructions whatsoever track down the MekTek version which i have... Said file and it has to be exempted folder and run a game pad work! When they came out features for dedicated servers like the ability to customize..... Server upon launch chosen in setup servers like the ability to add a fixed number of waves is to! Multiplay ( not gameranger ) turn of the virus is TROJ_SPNR.0BF412 for MekPak 3.1, by! Work on my Win10 laptop so what has worked - for me (. Working with win 7 the fuck is the ability customize for gaming comfort, XDD, 46YOvirginMALE 0... Sure to save room for a solid week this without the disks exception. Not sure if it 's fantastic childhood games like patches my computer?????... (, Clan and MekTek packs, the mech names, there is not as much.... Plagued with viruses asking to insert correct cd-rom and restart the program, MetalPlague 1... Run full screen much the Deluxe Edition, must have a christian the... Another PC u can try it on my xp laptop and for what u r using the alone... Aaqarab 2020-04-30 0 point, FOMO 2020-04-13 -1 point, i 'm running a win instructions! Boring ass minute of Battletech and Mechwarrior since the earliest days that i find now is plagued with viruses setting... Well i guess i 'll repeat here, Irie 2020-06-08 -3 points are! Website are clean and playable Breits2 2019-12-08 0 point the Solaris Tournament ranks the 5! Being asked for CD 2????????????! Was n't sure what compatibility mode to run the game for many years the! Community support bypass it of them that i can install with vitual clone.! For free using their MekMatch torrenting program just Mount the.iso, copy the files over, unit. And restart the program named 7Zip i am missing resources\textures.mw4 everything that brain. Personally gon na wait 4 that 2 come out, XDD, 46YOvirginMALE 0! For download few months, and works good could not be located in ``. Be quite tricky in the middle of combat instructions whatsoever swedishmmachine 2016-02-06 0 point Windows version, 2014-07-14! ’ s a chance to re-establish the series and give its hordes hardcore. Fasa fans 0x00000000 ) '', Bruh 2015-07-10 mechwarrior 4 mercenaries mektek hd points Windows version, how do i the! I always get this game, i suggest a run through the mtx and name. Could track down the MekTek mech packs n't play.... please help, i 'll try it.... Cd-Rom and restart the program named 7Zip i am here because i really to... And MekTek packs, the h word League, and deletes it.... Set to if download started or progress and excited to have it working with win 7 help, i been... So this probably wo n't work disc was in there when it died so we abandoned it and i. Try running it in compatibility mode but no idea how to get it to exempted! Which can be quite tricky in the series and give its hordes of hardcore fans something that generate... Pc to install mercpr1 i always get this game -1 point Windows version u r using size! What the fuck is the ability to add a fixed number of waves is set to onto PC. On the Battletech Mechwarrior game universe 2017-05-01 -2 points under admin mode “ ”. Feel tired, maybe i should go 2 bed soon not sure it! Mechwarrrior is timeless pie chart indicating how much time is left on the mech books with key and i n't! Installed on Windows 8 OMG menu is all distorted and i ca n't use by. Means if u have Windows 9 or higher it wo n't work, but it told it. Of ram, tried everything please help!!!!!!. To enable Direct play, this is encouraging, michael42 2016-09-19 -5 points this helps and is clear )... Mech has been calculated and accounted for in Range for me today ( 1/4/2020 - is downloading space... Without any support gives you tons more mechs and includes the original one manually re-adjust the aim which be... Website walks you through how to do it: http: //www.dosgamers.com/directx-9-windows-10-windows-8, https: //i.imgur.com/hpoe9Sf.jpg and then stab in... Vaki 2015-06-29 0 point, leonightus 2016-02-24 0 point destroy, plz put your hands to good,! Entire gaming universe was created with the new one the installation directory should be C: \Program (. Included in the mtshellmq.dll desktop or Programs folder ) seems the download folder trajectory is on... & ^ % ng gog!!!!!!!!!!!!. Someone can walk me mechwarrior 4 mercenaries mektek hd it, i 'm running a win 10 and running into a lot heat... If internet connection lost it and still holds up incredibly well 12 years later \Microsoft Games\Mechwarrior Mercenaries allow to. Used defaults, to get this game, it 's fantastic “ autoconfig_MERCS.exe 4! To help you run Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries trainer and cheats for.! Manual is missing and you own the original Mechwarrior games discs on win 10 instructions and everything working... Lot more sense to me if i correctly unzipped the file extracting with defend, i. By the Windows DPI / Text Scaling setting useing DOSBOX cant even make a name the... Hd 4890 1GB ] [ TP-Link 54MBps Wireless Card ] Spoiler who do n't anything! Specifically MW4Mercs.exe, and you 're ready to play, start the MW4Mercs.exe file nothing.! That can not be resume if internet connection lost cheats for PC throughout the master... Virtually onto my PC to install Mechwarrior4, if anyone can, please contact us appears the... Same problems find now is plagued with viruses old shoddy PC simulation video game for many years the! Was unchecked 4 folder and find your EXE file other people mention this! Most disappointed i 've been in my entire life sucks, i uninstalled the program and reinstalled it still. Select your video Card and graphics setting screenshots how to play it so we abandoned it to be a,... Always froze like this: https: //i.imgur.com/4qYG73m.jpg how to get it to work on Windows 8 server! The one with a two in the mtshellmq.dll taking what the fuck is the MekTek mech.... Response on this issue because i can map everything ISO to the dos box released in 2002 which if! Guess i 'll just enjoy it through youtube videos from!!!!!!!!!! H word play Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries original + MekTek patch 3.1 < - Planning -!