Due to supplier issues some deliveries and products are delayed, we apologise and we are working hard on all orders. ESTATE SAWMILLS remains open for business, following Covid secure policies already in place, during this second national lockdown. Deck Load Calculator. Because of the way decks are constructed, costs are calculated using square foot measurements. Our slotted fence posts known as Jakposts are designed to work with all of our fencing panels from Jaktop and palisade to featherboard, and even our premier trellis panels. Shape. Jackson’s premium handmade garden gates have been designed and manufactured by us to go beyond the demands of everyday life. Supplied flat packed, ready cut, with a fixing kit and with easy assembly instructions. Enter your preferences below and then, use ImproveNet to connect with an experienced decking contractor near you. Remember: The regular OC stud spacing is 16, 19.2 or 24 inches. Thorncliffe Works, Midland Road, Did you know, we have our own transport fleet and manage all our deliveries from our HQ in Kent. See for yourself the outstanding quality and authentic wood look with a sample of Millboard decking. … Including all the screws, nails and instructions you need to put it all together. Then find the closest sqm to what you require. A few other important factors to keep in mind are: Get excited about your outdoor space with our latest customer projects, garden transformations and helpful tips and ideas. Lumber can be used in a variety of home projects, from framing to building a deck. Jacksons Fencing are at the forefront of metal fencing for any environment. Enjoy building your deck! Jacksons Fencing is a family run business that was started by Ian Jackson and his father back in 1947. © Jacksons Fencing 2020 Website by Sagittarius. Jacksons Fencing are at the forefront of metal security fencing solutions for any environment. Another attractive option for those who want something a bit more decorative, the picture frame pattern has boards creating a border within the main design. From this you can then find out how many boards you require: 41 boards of W120mm x L2.4m or 24 boards of W140mm x L3.6m. Lumber Species Southern Pine Douglas Fir Douglas Fir-Larch Hemlock-Fir Spruce-Pine-Fir Redwood Western Cedar Ponderosa Pine Red Pine At this stag e, you’re almost ready to begin with your build. If you have a non-standard area or require a specialist quote, please get in touch with one of our expert advisers who will gladly provide you with a bespoke quotation. The revolutionary Jakoustic® timber environmental noise barrier systems are Jacksons answer to noise pollution. Default is 50 psf which you can change. Please note queing times can be up to an hour at busy times. 2x6 joists should only be used on ground-level decks that do not require, and will not provide for, any guards. Deck Board to Joist = 817 Enter cost per linear metre and wastage % for Stumps, Bearers, Joists and Boards to Calculate individual and Total Costs. My Account. We manufacture all of our timber and metal gates in our own workshops and can therefore offer gates that can be built to your exact size and specification requirements. Use the best decking calculator to plan your decking project for timber & composite decking & calculate what you need - joists, deck boards & ballustrades. If your width is 6m and your depth is 2m 6(w) x 2(d) = 12sqm. Eg. ESTATE SAWMILLS Christmas opening hours, we will close on Tuesday 22nd December at 1pm and reopen on Monday 4th January at 8am. Build a tailored made composite or timber decking kit. Start by working out the area of your desired decking area in square metres. We can automate any of the types of gate we produce. Attractive selection of versatile fencing options, perfect of agricultural use or rural gardens. With our decking calculator, it’s easy. You can use our composite deck calculators below to give you an estimation of how many decking boards you will need for your project. An email has been sent to your selected email address. We work out the frame, including all joists, posts, supports. Deck Design (Pick an Angle) Timber Decking Calculator & Timber Flooring Calculator. 324 8015 24 Co. Reg. Joist Span Calculator For help, simply click on the beside the section you need help with, Or watch this Tutorial Video. Our wall framing calculator is extremely easy to use! Lineal Foot Board Foot Tip: a lineal foot is one foot in length, or 12 inches. Concrete. How to use the Decking Calculator: Firstly work out your sq metre coverage by multiplying Width x Depth. Add your required sizes and height of the ground. Decks are designed to take advantage of the angles of the joists for maximum stability, as illustrated. Find how much concrete you will need for your project Joist Span . Decking Calculator. To do this simply measure the area in metres and multiply the width by the depth. Decking Joists & Supports To start building your decking project and ensure longevity, begin by building a solid base using products within our range of joists, risers and supports. If the area you are decking is not a simple rectangle then you will need to divide it into ‘rectangles’ and calculate each area individually. With over 70 years of experience providing fencing for homes and businesses, we have a wealth of knowledge to share. Please don't hesitate to contact our knowledgeable team for advice on your Autumn lockdown project. When you are building a timber deck or installing new timber flooring you want to be certain you buy enough timber at the outset, as there may be differences in the colour batches of the timber you purchase if you purchase in multiple lots. ESTATE SAWMILLS is now open weekdays from 8am until 3:30pm & saturday mornings. Stainless steel fixings are used throughout to ensure lasting quality and long life. Delivered throughout the UK. Jacksons' beautifully handcrafted fence panels are made with exact attention to detail to ensure the utmost quality and durability for a long service life, and are all guaranteed for 25 years. View any job vacancies that we have available. These decking calculators will help guide you through the process of building your deck, giving you access to design plans, estimations for materials, and more. For installation instructions, garden advice and FAQ's we've got the answers. Become part of the Jacksons family. View our range of wire mesh and netting including netting rolls, barbed wire and plain wire fencing for application in agricultural settings. The Jacksons decking calculator tool will help you get all the pieces and specifications together to create your garden decking plan - give it a try today. The total load for each tributary area is then divided by the area of each footing in order to determine the load psf imposed on the soil. (OC spacing means measuring the distance between the centers of two adjacent studs.) Jacksons offer a specialist range of metal fences, from high security to anti-trap bowtop and classic ornamental to garden railings. We do not believe in high pressure sales tactics, so please feel free to give us a call, send us an enquiry or use our live chat. View our extensive range of garden fence panels to perfectly frame your garden. Linear metres and cost are auto updated when the deck is re-calculated, with individual costs for stumps, bearers and joists displayed in each section. Unit of Measurement. The Playtime series is Jacksons' answer to providing comprehensive protection for Schools, Children's Nurseries, Playgrounds and Play Areas. Quality timber decking - complements any garden setting, the perfect solution for outdoor living. The decking calculator can help you determine the number of decking boards and fasteners needed. Find wood beam spans, deck joist spans, spacing and sizes, the number of balusters for your railing, the number of decking boards, or size and layout of footings for your deck based on your soil bearing capacity. Flooring & Decking Calculator. Our complete decking calculator & guide can help you understand which supplies you’ll need to an accurate level, helping to reduce wastage & increase project efficiencies. Order Sample. Fence Calculator; Decking Calculator ; Gate Calculator; Free Quote; Quick Order; Opening Hours; Our other sites: COMMERCIAL & HIGH SECURITY; FRANCE; 0800 408 2234 Hello Sign in. Sign up to our Newsletter to hear about new product releases, learn about our design process, and everything else going on behind the scenes at Estate Sawmills. Then, let’s get your project underway by connecting with local contractors. Back to top. Jacksons offers a variety of different trellis fence panels including square, diamond, lattice and tartan designs. My Account; Login or Register; … Put this together with our own friendly national delivery service and you're on to a winner! It then determines the total load from each tributary area based on the design load of your deck. Linear feet and cost are auto updated when the deck is re-calculated, with individual costs for stumps, bearers and joists displayed in each section. This guide outlines the method for installing a single level deck with a timber frame and horizontal deck board positioning. This calculator uses standard 2 x 6 pressure treated lumber for decking available at most hardware stores. Imagine yourself sitting on a wooden porch on a warm, sunny, Sunday morning; sipping tea, reading a book, and taking in those sweet summer smells. Jacksons design and manufacture both Timber and Metal Equestrian gates. Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD8 7DQ, Update your browser to view this website correctly. Designed for use on bridle ways to enable easy access for horse and rider. Timber landscaping products to help you design your dream garden, such as sleepers, timber retaining wall and edging boards. If you want the decking raised pick the height from the drop down box, this height is from ground to top of the deck. The materials you choose to use for your deck will end up being the lowest portion of your overall costs, in general. Most raised decks need a set of steps or often a proper set of decking stairs to get access to and from the deck to a lower garden – or sometimes to a high level door – dependent upon where the deck fits to the house. Deck Board to Joist = 741 Enter cost per linear foot and wastage % for Stumps, Bearers, Joists and Boards to Calculate individual and Total Costs. Please adhere to social distancing guidelines. We manufacture all of our metal gates in our own workshops and can therefore offer gates that can be built to your exact size and specification requirements to suit a variety of residential and commercial applications. Decking Calculator. Picture frame deck boards. Jacksons Fencing have three Fencing Centres situated in the south east, the south west and the north west of the country. A typical deck cost calculatorwill use a 2 square foot calculation because most decks are built in 2-foot increments to utilize the majority of the material measurements. Explore a range of information to help you with inspiration, installing and managing your fence. Our Gate Builder gives a choice of two gates to choose from. Variety of bollards for a wide range of uses, all steel bollards are galvanised for a 25 year guarantee. It is also a tool for estimating the cost to build a deck (mainly focusing on deck flooring). Our Decking Tiles are ideal for constructing a deck on flat concreted areas, and are profiled to match Wickes decking. ESTATE SAWMILLS remains open for business, following Covid secure policies already in place, during this second national lockdown. You will need to adjust the framing to support the surface pattern in the corners. Hot dipped galvanised steel anti climb, wall or fence spikes, barbed wire and rotary systems. This calculator works out the joists at 500mm centres and nails are added pick 47 x 100 or 47 x 150 both will do the job but 47 x 150 is recommended if you are raising the deck from ground level. Non-panel form of garden fencing, supplied in kit form and assembled from pales, rails and posts on site. All timber comes with our 25 year Jakcure® guarantee. We have a variety of calculators to help you figure out the dimensions and quantities of all the different building materials you will need on your job site. For conventional guardrail post installation bolted to the side of the framing, larger framing will provide more strength in the rails. Before using the decking calculator, it is important to measure the area where you intend to install your composite decking to find the square metres. The Jacksons Fence Builder is available to help you price our garden fencing panels and also our trellis panels. The variety of decking materials and variables is overwhelming. 10 Key points on Jacksons Fencing products, Read about our unique timber treatment process, allowing us to offer our proven and leading 25 year Jakcure® Guarantee, Check out our latest updates to our Blog & Gallery, Read about the customer service aspects of our business, Read about our delivery prices and process. Use our Decking Calculator to help you get all the pieces you need to create your garden decking to whatever size you need. Some houses at the rear garden have a floor level which is much higher than the garden – which sometimes slopes away from the house. An email has been sent to your selected email address. Decking Calculator To accurately estimate your lumber requirements for your new deck, you have to take into account the board width, length and thickness, as well as the deck design. The Edit features advice from industry experts about keeping your home safe and secure, tips for designing your garden, and inspirational projects from our customers. No 12013535, {"cart_token":"","hash":"","cart_data":""}. Commonly used as driveway gates or field gates. People use our garden pergola systems in a variety of different ways to add structure to their gardens. This handy tool will help you to calculate the amount of decking and the components that you will need for your project. To calculate the cost of the lumber you'll be using, enter your specs in the calculator below. Packaging the lot into a straightforward kit. It also assumes floor joists are 16 inches apart and 6 x 6 footers (stumps) are 8 feet apart and the deck is ground level. Update my browser now, VAT No. If your deck will be sitting on grass or soil, you’ll need to place blocks or slabs underneath edge leg … Maximum joist span between beam and house or beam to beam Decking. Read our gate safety checklist and find out information about domestic and commercial gate automation. These easy fit decking kits are just that! This calculator determines the size of each tributary area of your deck. Start planning your project with our user-friendly tool that calculates how much decking you need. You only need two values: The stud OC (on-center) spacing; and; The length of the wall. Thank you for using our decking calculator. Fencing for equestrian purposes, including riding arena fencing, electric fencing and four styles of post and rail. Deck floor materials, screws and hidden fastener calculator Railing. For upper-level decks, 2x10 is recommended as the minimum size to use for strong guard post connections. We would like to wish all our customers a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.