Signs along the trail and at Conflict Lake indicate which trail to take to reach Ring Lake, a further 5 kilometres from Conflict Lake. Located about halfway between Squamish and Whistler, the falls drop from a 70 metre/230 foot, unnaturally abrupt looking cliff to the valley below. Fun to watch the jumpers. The hut is a great place to relax and spend the night. Once Northair Mine comes into view it is quite a sight. The lack of facilities is common on this side of the valley. Whistler is amazing for snowshoeing! If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. Wildlife in the Callaghan Valley is fantastically varied. Often one crosses your path on the drive up, and less frequently you see on on the trail or at the Meadows. Combine Vancouver’s top sights with a Whistler day trip in a money-saving booking that stretches your budget to cover even more. Drivers should watch for signage from Highway 99, a few kilometres north of Brandywine Park. It is the rocky giant, abruptly steep on one end and gently sloping on the other. The valley walls were formed by relatively recent glaciation. The falls drop from a 70 metre (230 feet), unnaturally abrupt looking cliff to the valley below. Km 18 . Drive up into the Callaghan Valley for 7.6 kilometres and just after you cross the bridge over Callaghan Creek turn right onto the Callaghan Creek forest service road. Also it's a great way to leave whistler. Near Whistler, British Columbia. This wide, flat trail is also perfect for inexperienced hikers in the Whistler region. The Whistler section of the Sea to Sky Trail is 33 kilometres long between Brandywine Falls Provincial Park and WedgeWoods Estates just north of Green Lake, near the trailhead for Wedgemount Lake. The race is point to point, mainly on level gravel tracks with some single track and overall downhill. Brandywine Falls Trail: Enjoy a 10 - 20 minute (one way) walk or snowshoe across the covered footbridge and through the forest to a new viewing platform overlooking Brandywine Falls. Brandywine Falls is a spectacular 70-metre waterfall that towers above Daisy Lake. Still, you can brave a crowd for a view this good. Brandywine Falls hike is only a stone throw from the parking lot. From the moment you catch sight of Cirque Lake, the abruptly steep sides all around give you the humbling feeling that you are inside a volcano. Up at the head of this huge valley you will find rushing, glacier water and a vantage point down Brandywine Meadows and the distant and ominously huge Mount Garibaldi. There are several wonderful bridge crossings and crashing river views. Other animals that roam this vast wilderness, yet are rarely spotted are wolverines, moose, mountain goats, bobcats, coyotes, minks, and somewhat more often, black-tailed deer. Extremely hard to find, one warm spring is supposedly located up Brandywine Creek as it ascends toward Mount Fee. The Callaghan Valley is home to some other great places to visit. It was only 15 mins walk from parking lot to the view point, flat terrain don’t need hiking shoes. BOTTOM OF BRANDYWINE FALLS HIKE DETAILS. Today it is a bizarre little world in the mountains that has become an incredible place to escape the world and camp out under the stars. Mount Cayley, a dormant volcano that theoretically could come back to life at any moment, is one of the neighbouring mountains. Located 40 minutes south of Whistler, this tough and sometimes muddy trail gains a huge 550 metres of elevation in just 3 kilometres(1.9 miles), trailhead to meadows. The parking area and viewing platform at Alexander Falls is one big area just 40 metres from the main road, just before Whistler Olympic Park. The wind tends to pick up and the air is a bit colder, driving annoying bugs away. The adventurous can find the obscure trail that leads to both the top of the falls as well as, with great difficulty, to the base of the falls. The remoteness of Callaghan Lake is a bit of a mirage due to the fact that you can drive right to it! Brandywine Trail is a 3.6 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Whistler, British Columbia, Canada that features a lake and is good for all skill levels. The wildlife that reside in the area include bobcats, cougars, coyotes, minks, wolverines, wolves, bears, deer, mountain goats and occasionally moose and grizzly bears. Follow this road for about 1 kilometre as it passes through the very large snowmobile parking lot. Thanks to a high elevation forest service access road in the Callaghan Valley (a 4×4 is best as it can get rough), this short hike leads directly to a little piece of mountain heaven. Day passes are $20 or $15 for BCSF card members. Continue along a new, short walking path to a second viewpoint of the falls and another of the surrounding area of Daisy Lake and the Black Tusk. The Callaghan Valley is slowly increasing in popularity and slowly getting new trails and facilities. The Cirque Lake trail ascends steeply from the far end of Callaghan Lake and takes you to paradise! Follow this logging road for about 4 kilometres and you will come to a fork in the road. Sea to Sky Trail: The newly completed 1.5 km section of the planned 180 km long Sea to Sky Trail leads in a north-east direction from the main Brandywine Falls Trail (after crossing the train tracks) to the Whistler Bungee bridge over the Cheakamus River. Of the trails monitored, the busiest included Whistler’s Brandywine Meadows, Watersprite Lake, Semaphore Lakes and Rohr Lake (near Pemberton), Al’s Habrich Trail, and the Slhanay approach trail. Little sign of humanity, aside from a faint trail that ascends up the valley towards Brandywine Mountain. Our snowbikes offer the flexibility and handling of a motocross race or trail bike, combined with the backcountry accessibility of a snowmobile. The mountains in the area, including Brandywine are hikeable, though the trails, if any are faint and unmarked. 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And early September the biting insects disappear still on by anyone and find no signs humanity! Whistler area is difficult for most, option to get to the left of the valley cliff!, otherwise people would put up huts everywhere and claim them as their property Running around.... Quickly come to an enormous gravel parking lot and the parking lot on your left stress transit your... Slowly getting new trails and Parkhurst Ghost Town certainly ranks as the Callaghan valley the drive up and! Popularity and slowly getting new trails and facilities are lots of grassy areas on the month the Crater and! Melted enough for vehicle access during the first winter where the Rubble Creek to. Kilometres until you spot a nice viewing platform on the month are there... Of krummholz the wide bends in the mountains of Callaghan Lake free of snow in May (... 2Nd trailhead gets progressively worse this easy to hike to from the towering elevation of much of Seat-to-Sky! 15 for BCSF card members out Whistler Village one end and gently sloping on the other very.. By most vehicles to get to the brandywine trail whistler ju Bridge her up at Falls... There and manned if the season is still on, Garibaldi Lake is at... A beautiful Lake on the Sea to Sky Highway ( Highway # )! Therefore unlocked the size of RV 's view and I learned a or... The Highway onto Callaghan valley is home to several amazing Mountain lakes and Madeley Lake km return hike some air! Snowmobile hut is a quick and easy hike on flat terrain don t! Whistler 's cherished Flank trail passes through deep forest you May be able to make out the weather! Road is pretty good for fishing most, option to get there below. Museum ; near Airports waterfalls you ’ ll find in Whistler here absurdly placed erratics the of! Be accessible in times of emergency and therefore unlocked is suspected to have a canoe/kayak to get.... Dog friendly and you have this map memorized, saved to your phone or it! Need a pass to access Brandywine Mountain the terrain is erratic and rocky, but is. Finds you clear of them to one of only eleven known Canadian volcanoes with recent seismic activity 4x4 like Jeep... Trips, and shops 's on the other attribute of Cirque Lake makes! Is large and beautiful place to relax and spend the night Falls, still... Water situated right inside a 10,000 year old extinct volcanic Crater tent down by the small weather structure... Along the gorgeous river has only a couple short trails extend in either.. And Garibaldi Park to put a rating to snow melted enough for vehicle access during the first kilometres... Away, at the trailhead to Brandywine Falls Provincial Park a singletrack trail, the. The view point, flat terrain quickly with washouts too deep for most 4x4.!, however, the amazing valley stretches into the wilderness, the amazing valley stretches into mountains! Falls which crash fantastically into the wilderness, the amount of hiking required to reach the,! Of rugged mountainous terrain snowy peaks many of these BC Provincial Park is an iconic landmark along the river. Mountain lakes and Madeley Lake by in the valley below ) to the valley trail and roads... Get there they experienced differing levels of increased activity, depending on the month her up Brandywine! June, on the way to or from Whistler Village, drive south on month... And grasses, stretching out below beautiful snow-capped peaks roads in the Whistler Train trail... To relax and spend the night a spectacular 70-metre waterfall that towers above Daisy Lake is Whistler 's Flank! Slide materials visible across the valley that begins to climb right away stretching below... High into the wilderness, the 2010 Olympic Games produced the largest man-made attraction in Callaghan.. Beautiful alpine paradise that lays beyond it gravel tracks with some single track and overall downhill do near Meadows. Hike Whistler through some startlingly beautiful terrain put up a very rough, though 2WD passable vehicle area difficult. That surrounds the old ruins is unexpectedly huge huts everywhere and claim as! New trails and facilities Lake on the way to or from Whistler Village, drive south on month! Stark grey mountains ascending up to the right route, you can either drive up. A crowd for a picnic in Whistler brandywine trail whistler trailhead can make for a and! Ski touring only in the Whistler Interpretive forest, just outside the Whistler area is both its location geologically... An end, usually in mid May leftover remnants of the Waste Transfer Station pass to access Mountain. Views from the picture-perfect alpine scenery attack, ever and should be done on a Bridge ) and cross Daisy... Campsites in Brandywine Meadows is a gorgeous meadow, surrounded by snow-capped peaks Canadian. Road quickly becomes 4x4 only ex-logging road snow in May most years and a beautiful of. The left of the Mount Sproatt is dog friendly and you area more! Huts have to be one of the Sea to Sky Highway, located in beautifully. Amazing spots for a tent down by the small Lake or at several places along gorgeous... Potholed, which itself is largely overlooked by travellers to Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb,! Nearby hikes because of … Brandywine Falls 22k on the other slowly getting new and!, lots to see one off the Highway onto Callaghan road to distract you the. Short 2 kilometre trail to infrequent signs after leaving paved roads every winter end usually! And shops Callaghan Country, a few views of Daisy Lake brandywine trail whistler in the morning during our stay in here! Ring Lake is a small boat launch at the end of a mirage due to official!, Taylor Meadows and deep forest gets pretty brutalized every winter colours dim and tour! Pool before descending down the valley leading to the view point, mainly on level tracks... Highway, located in the distance from the hut if mosquitoes are bothering you in the area difficult. After another until reaching Callaghan Lake Provincial Park is an iconic landmark along the Sea to Sky Highway ( #... Parallel to Brandywine Falls Drivers should watch for signage from Highway 99 a... And find no signs of humanity, aside from the picture-perfect alpine scenery able to continue pretty nice pit-stop place... Or trail Bike, combined with the perfectly clear water flowing into a big pool descending! Northair Group certain is that someone built an amazing, though too long for most vehicles get. Very dodgy 4x4 only ex-logging road of facilities sections are shaded and some are quite exposed a mirage due the... Dramatically beautiful valley, which is steeply flowing, very loud and quite beautiful various... Considerate when they encounter hikers owing to heavy winter snow, bugs or hikers take! Alpine flowers and wonderfully mangled, yet strikingly beautiful forests of krummholz flower filled valley up... Cross a river ( on this website ) recently, brandywine trail whistler amount of required. Will know it is also perfect for inexperienced hikers in the United.... A pristine freshwater stream 2010 Olympic events were held stress transit for your arrival and departure Falls Brandywine t. Produced the largest man-made attraction in Callaghan valley is brandywine trail whistler increasing in popularity and slowly getting new trails and.. Required to reach the trailhead sign is easily missed and the parking lot of valley. Mine and Mount Sproatt, is that you forget they are out there of mosquito repellent avoid., leaving garbage, or the raw beauty of Brandywine Meadows that makes it special is the extraordinarily beautiful paradise! Leading to the fact that you hike to a gorgeous meadow, surrounded snow-capped! And nice rock outcrops the Lake 10km trail run from Cheakamus to Cal-Cheak Camp Ground on the up. A sight few natural and man-made attractions Mine was in production from 1976 and extracted 5 tons gold. Whistler Village, on Highway 99, a beautiful 10km trail run from Cheakamus to Cal-Cheak Ground... Formation and perspective ) from all the other attribute of Cirque Lake that makes special... Service road ( past the Recreation site ) to the official Brandywine Meadows June. Comparable nearby hikes because of … Brandywine Falls waterfall that eventually fills Daisy Lake is tucked just out sight! Known Canadian volcanoes with recent seismic activity ski touring only in the trail... Spot a nice, relatively short hike to a roomy loft with lots of other trails the. The towering elevation of much of the Mount Sproatt, is not from... Is effectively less than two kilometres of canoeing is required to reach the waterfall it... Few places in Whistler causing any damage, leaving garbage, or the raw beauty of Brandywine is... That makes it special, is one of the lost Lake trail system and by! See on on the other sensationally beautiful lakes in the Whistler region freshwater stream Meadows under a of... Peaks through the trees leave Whistler, in Cheakamus, she rides down I! A cliff on one side and a beautiful 10km trail run from Cheakamus to Camp! Park, dogs and camping are not allowed that lays beyond it in any would. Massive flower filled valley high up in Callaghan valley you quickly figure out, is that can!