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The World Processing Tomato Council (WPTC) is an international non-profit organization representing the tomato processing industry. Currently, its members represent more than 95% of the volume of tomatoes processed worldwide.

The organization was created in May 1998 during the 3rd World Processing Tomato Congress held in Pamplona (Spain).
The World Processing Tomato Council is constituted by professional growers and/or processors organizations representative of their production area. It is headquartered in Avignon (France) and currently chaired by Mike Montna (California). Manuel Vazquez (Spain) and Jason Fritsch (Australia) are the two Vice-Presidents. Robert Giovinazzo (France) is Treasurer and Sophie Colvine is the General Secretary.
Professional organizations from the following countries were the founding members of the Council: AMITOM countries (France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Tunisia and Turkey), Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, California. These countries have since been joined by Japan, China, South Africa and Peru, and by AMITOM's associate members in AlgeriaEgypt, Hungary, Iran, Malta, Russia, Syria and Ukraine.
The structure of WPTC is organized in three geographic groups corresponding with the main producing areas:
> The Mediterranean area is represented by AMITOM (Mediterranean International Association of the Processing Tomato – headquartered in France)
> The Northern America group is constituted by the following associations:
- CTGA (California Tomato Growers Association – California)
- CFLP (California League of Food Processors – California)
- OPVG (Ontario Processing Vegetable Growers – Canada)
> The Other countries group is constituted by the following associations: 
- Tomate 2000 (Argentina)
- APTRC (Australian Processing Tomato Research Council - Australia)
- ABRATOP (Brazil)
- Chile Alimentos
- CCFNA (China chamber of commerce of foodstuffs and native produce)
- JTPA (Japan Tomato Processors Association- Japan)
- ICATOM (Peru)
- SATPA (South African Tomato Processors Association – South Africa)
WPTC objectives
The following general objectives have been given to the Council:
> To create permanent links between professional grower and/or processor organizations, in order to co-ordinate actions undertaken to safeguard their interests. 
> To study and recommend to member organizations any action intended to better organize the markets and favour fair competition. 
> To undertake any action, in agreement with its members, in view to increase consumption of tomato products. 
It was decided that the Council would only discuss a limited list of themes on which a consensus was possible. On each theme, a Commission was created which was autonomous.
Three Commissions are curently operating:  
> A Commission on the exchange of information, chaired by Mike Montna (California), those task is to collect information on the production and consumption of tomato products, analyze it and disseminate to all members. A sub-commission on Research is chaired by Cosme Argerich (Argentina).
> A Commission on Tomato & Health, chaired by Luca Sandei (Italy). This commission is charged with analyzing the abundance of information, sometimes contradictory, published on the health benefits of tomato products and to coordinate the effort undertaken by individual associations on their domestic market to promote tomato products with the aim of increasing the global consumption of tomato products worldwide. 
> A Commission on the International Legislation, chaired by Carlos Gervas (Spain). The WPTC has been recognized as a non-governmental organization by the Codex Alimentarius since February 1999. As such, its representatives may attend Codex Committee meetings and express the view of its members. This enabled notably the industry to have an input in the revised international standards for tomato concentrates and preserved tomatoes.
According to the WPTC statutes, individual companies cannot become members of the association. The only members are organisations representing tomato growers and/or processors.
- list of delegates
- WPTC statutes