Garden cress seed oil has a balanced amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) (46.8%) and monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) (37.6%). Benefits of garden cress for hair Garden cress helps to get thick and healthy hair. 1.- Diwakar B. T., Dutta P. K., Lokesh B. R., and Naidu K. A. Drinking a dose of boiled cress seeds helps to fight insect bites. Garden cress helps treat sore throat, coughing, asthma and headaches. Garden cress seeds can be blended with water and honey to form a thick paste that can be applied on the skin to treat sunburn, irritated skins, dry skin and broken lips. The seeds parts of the garden cress are also very nutritive, and they are rich in ascorbic acid, arachidic acid, folic acid, linoleic fatty acids, beta-carotene, and iron. It has also a diuretic property that helps reduce blood pressure. Garden cress is characterized by diuretic properties. Boost the immune system. It is applicable for dry lips. This herb can be used for cooking in addition to being a healing herb. Garden cress seeds contain approximately 21 to 24% oil. They are rich in vitamins C, A and E, iron, folate, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and protein. Garden cress helps to relieve pains and treat wounds. It can be slightly roasted with salt and added to the salad. The leaves of the plant can be consumed fresh or dried. The consumption of only one ounce of garden cress seeds provides about 40% of vitamin A in the form of carotenoids. Contrary to what we see in most commercial websites on the Internet, we rely on ethical and moral principles in parallel with commercial activity, we set up this site after the experience of ... Read more, Product successfully added to your shopping cart, Garden cress seeds: Benefits, uses and side effects, The nutritional value of garden cress seeds, Medicinal properties of garden cress seeds, Benefits of garden cress seeds for health, Garden cress helps to get thick and healthy, Alwosta ® Tous droits réservé. All Rights Reserved. Garden cress contains goitrogens, which are substances that subdue the proper functioning of the thyroid gland through its interference with iodine absorption. These properties have not been scientifically proven. It also treats vomiting. 2. Garden cress is usually harvested within two weeks of cultivation and can be preserved by placing the stems in a water container and then refrigerating them for at least one week. These acids help to boost memory. Vitamin A and carotenoids are one of the best nutrients for the eyes. In fact, it improves the body's ability to absorb iron from the eaten foods. Medicinal PropertiesBoth the leaves, stems and seeds of garden cress are used in preparing traditional medicine, for example, the seeds are used as a remedy for minimizing asthma symptoms as well as improves lung function in people suffering from asthma. Breastfeeding mothers are therefore advised to consume the garden cress seeds. Both the stems, seeds and leaves of garden cress are edible but only the stems and leaves can be eaten raw in salads or used for other culinary purposes. 12. As well as traditional products, natural oils, hive products, organic products and all natural products. Then increase the dose. It is strongly recommended to eat foods rich in vitamin K such as watercress when consuming large amounts of calcium. Moreover, due to the high protein and iron contents of garden cress, it is ideally given post-partum to breastfeeding mothers.11. Drinking boiled 20 grams of cress seeds improves bowel movement, expels gases and reduces the pain of colic. Garden cress contains protein and fatty acids. * Garden cress oil can serve as an alternative source of omega-3 PUFA, especially for vegetarians. Watercress is low in calories but … Garden cress stimulates bile function. 96 (6): 1262–73. Iron Deficiency TreatmentGarden cress seeds are used for treating patients suffering from iron deficiency anaemia. Garden cress infusion contributes to kill breast cancer cells. In addition, vitamin A and vitamin E make the hair look thicker, longer and healthier. Health benefits of Garden Cress Seeds. Commercially this plant is grown mainly in Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands. Top 5 Health Benefits of Garden Cress Seeds (Halim) Here’s how these tiny seeds benefit us… 1.Reduces Fatigue - Cures Anaemia : A tbsp.